Falconry Terms & Conditions


  • The Company aims to provide an outstanding falconry hunting experience for its falconers and participants and makes sure that the hunting is sustainable, sportsmanlike, and lawful.

General Falcon Training & hunting Terms & Conditions

  • Sign and approve the terms and conditions before arriving at the reserve
  • An application form shall be filled to train the falcon and to provide the required documents related to the falconers, participants and their falcons.
  • The organizing party the company shall not be responsible for any loss/ damage of property.
  • The group shall commit to the laws of the Jordanian authorities in general and to the environment in specific.
  • Falconers and participants must be aware of the zone boundary and are required to stay within their allocated zone. Falconers & participants will be fined if found on neighbouring zones. All falconers and participants will be given a map of the land to identify the zones.
  • Falconers and participants below 18 years old should be accompanied by a guardian.
  • Animal rights shall be respected when it comes to hunting or training.
  • Tips are prohibited under any circumstances as per the policies of the company.

Falcon Training & Hunting Terms & Conditions

  • Falconers, participants must always comply with the instructions of the falcon training guides.
  • Falcon training shall be practiced on Houbara captive-bred that are released in the reserve only.
  • Falconers, participants may use the hunting reserve for falconry purposes only and they must not interfere with grazers on the hunting reserve or their animals.
  • Falconers, participants may only use falcons to train & hunt.
  • Using firearms or any other weapons are strictly prohibited.
  • Predators and raptors hunt (like falcons, eagles, foxes, etc.) shall be prohibited.
  • Bird calling machines shall be prohibited.
  • Falconers and participants shall always hunt at their own risk and will be required to sign the release of liability.
  • The falconers’ group and the participants shall commit to stay within the group, and not leave under any circumstances.
  • The Company provides no guarantee as to the number of houbara that a Client may successfully hunt.
  • Falcon training guide shall be informed about all the hunted Houbara during the trip.
  • A hunted prey or parts of it shall not be exported abroad.
  • No meat or other parts of houbara may be removed from the hunting reserve. Additionally, it is forbidden to take nests, eggs of houbara or any other species, from the hunting reserve.
  • The ranger/guide has the right to immediately exclude falconers and participants who do not adhere to the laws and regulations, disobey the rules, cause trouble or are a nuisance, from the hunting trip. The guilty parties will be entirely responsible for their own repatriation and all costs incurred. The Company will under no circumstances assist any such offenders in any dealings or negotiations with authorities.

Environment & Waste Management Terms & Conditions

  • Falconers shall refrain from littering. All paper and other litter should be collected and discarded at the lodge or camp.
  • Shall commit to the instructions of the company
  • Waste shall not be thrown out of the car under any circumstances.
  • Campfire shall be suppressed before leaving the area and violating this regulation will be against the violator as it might affect the reserve.
  • Waste shall not be set on fire under any circumstances.
  • Hunted bird cleaning in the wild shall not be cleaned; waste shall be kept in the bin bags and shall be thrown in specified areas at the camp.
  • Not to damage the surrounding environment under any circumstances.
  • Cutting, damaging of plants shall be prohibited either on purpose or not.
  • To ensure the eco-lodge/ camp is clean during the stay.
  • Ensure that the area is clean before leaving.

Driving Car Terms & Conditions

  • Falconers and participants shall have the quantity of cars a per agreed earlier.
  • A pre-approval is required for any car that is brought to be used during training and falconry.
  • Rules and regulations shall be followed in terms of car usage as per the company rules.
  • Reckless driving shall be prohibited especially on unpaved roads.
  • Ensure taking care of the rented car and its equipment.
  • Shall inform the reserve management about any damage, loss of car property immediately.
  • Any damage that may occur to the car due to recklessness or irresponsibility is subject to fined violations.
  • The company is not responsible for any damages that may occur while driving recklessly, fast and is subject to violations by the reserve.
  • The falconers shall follow the instructions of the allocated training roads either while entering or exiting the area.

Local Community Terms & Conditions

  • The falconers shall respect the local community, herding areas, and poetry tents and not come close to it except with a guide.
  • The falconers shall not head to local community tents to ask for information or goods not unless previously discussed with the management.
  • Dealing with the local community to buy falcons, birds, etc. shall be prohibited as per Jordanian law.