Where is Burqu Nature Reserve?

Burqu Nature Reserve is located in the Ruwaished Department, in the heart of the north-eastern Badia of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

What makes it different to other reserves?

Burqu Nature Reserve is known for its strategic geographical location. It lies 300 km from Queen Alia International Airport and about 225 km from the Al-Omari/Al Hadithah land border crossing. Burqu is also a major habitat for captive-bred houbara.

How are falconers and participants welcomed?

Falconers are greeted at Queen Alia International Airport and/or the crossing border at Al-Omari by the Company’s representatives. Airport and border pick-up and drop-off services are also available.


What are the options for accommodation provided?

Accommodation is provided by Falconry Experiences to meet the needs of falconers and participants. The camp and lodges are equipped with all necessary amenities. There are 10 rooms with a full capacity of 30 people. Additionally, camps can accommodate up to 10 people per tent.

Can camping be performed by bringing your own camping equipment to the site?

Yes, falconers and participants can bring their own camping equipment. The company ensures private camping grounds prepared for falconers.

What kinds of meals are served?

A diverse menu is offered at the request of falconers, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Are Megyal services available?

Yes, Megyal services and equipment are available as per the request of falconers.


Is the trip equipped with cars? What kind of cars are provided?

Yes, the trip is equipped with dedicated 4×4 cars and the necessary equipment. (Radio communication, GPS).

Can private cars be used by falconers?

Yes, private cars can be used by falconers and participants. Coordination with the Company management is necessary.

How do you guide and help falconers during the trip?

Falconry groups will be accompanied by guides and rangers.

General Questions

Is there a place to tend to falcons during the trip?

Yes, there a falcon care facility exists on site.

How is Falconry & Training conducted in the reserve?

Falcons are trained using captive-bred houbara.

Are falconers permitted to train their falcons using other bird species?

Currently, the training is only permitted with captive-bred houbara.

Are guns and other forms of weapons allowed in falconry?

No, this is prohibited by local law.

Are airfares for the group included in the package?

No, they are excluded from the package.

Are there any additional costs?

Government fees and insurance documents related to transportation to and from Jordan are not included.

Is hunting and falconry permitted outside of the hunting zone?

Kindly contact us.


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